Future of work will be largely dependent on a firm's ability to work in ecosystems

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Ecosystem Benefits

Firms develop digital competence three times faster in an ecosystem than standalone.

Firms can learn, support and motivate each other through sharing of best practices, success stories and ways of working.
Firms break the individual barriers and come together as ONE team. There is a transition from being a firm workforce to an ecosystem workforce, serving the common beneficiaries- people and industries. 


How do members collaborate?


On latest hot topics on digital transformation, best practices, success stories, cultural transformations and innovations by L&D drivers or executives from different firms


Live Courses

Interactive live learning from an industry experts or distinguished faculties from esteemed universities/institutions

Round Tables

Group discussions centered around critical topics related to Learning


Deployment Support

Firms can acquire expert advise, short-term resources, bench-marking, coaching, validation of L&D project, industry insights through the ecosystem 

Networking events

- Pep talks

- Seminars

- Mix and mingle

- Group activities

- Food and drinks



Work on a vacation or vacation while at work at an exotic location with adequate health and well-being facilities