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Digital Transformation

How many times a day do you hear the buzzword - Digital transformation ?  

Every firm wants to 'go digital' and build digital competence in their employees. But very few firms have been able to define what it means by going digital.  

Digital Transformation is a one day classroom-based interactive course that will build your digital transformation foundation explaining how different emerging technologies impact different business areas and functions in an organization. 



After the end of this course, you will be able to:

- Define digital transformation, competitive landscape, new business models and analyse the business impact of emerging technologies

- Understand the different functions impacted by digital transformations

- Learn new ways of customer interaction

- Perform a digital maturity assessment 

- Assess the impact of various digital technologies on various functions

- Explain the importance of culture transformation and digital leadership in an organization

This course is for:

Working professionals with or without prior IT background 


1 day

Mode of delivery:


Course Content

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

- Digital landscape and disruptions

- Three types of transformations

- Role of a platform

- Business models

Digitalizing customer interactions

Business impact of emerging technologies

- AI and its business impact

- IoT and its business impact

- Automation and its business impact

- Data analytics and its business impact

- Blockchain and its business impact

- Gamification an its business impact

- Customers in digital economy

- Customer personas

- Online customer interactions

- B2B customer engagement strategies

Digitalizing internal operations

Culture and Leadership

- Understanding corporate culture

- Cultivating digital mindset

- Types of employee behaviors

- Leadership models

- Operations overview

- Digital maturity model

- Organizational assessment

- Use cases and examples

Post completion support

Not available for this course

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