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Digital Leadership

Virtual classroom-based interactive course over twelve 90 minutes sessions

A Digital leader demonstrates Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Informed decision-making and Fast execution 



After the end of this course, you will be able to:

- Define digital transformation, competitive landscape, new business models and analyse the business impact of emerging technologies

- Explain the need and define the purpose of digital leadership

- Describe the key leadership competencies and understand its business implications

- Identify the gaps between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset and take necessary steps to bridge them

- Understand the essential components of emotional intelligence and how it impacts your relationships with people

- Take necessary steps to build your emotional intelligence

- Make informed decisions based on decision-making models

- Effectively manage various stakeholders for fast implementation of change

- Manage uncertainties and develop a tolerance for ambiguities

- Prepare a strategy to implement the three critical actions every digital leader must take  

- Develop action plans and measure the transformation success

This course is for:

- CEOs

- Executives

- Founders

- Emerging executives

- Vice-Presidents

- Directors

- Department Heads

- Line Managers

- Program Managers

- Change Agents


12 x 90 minutes sessions

Mode of delivery:

 Virtual Classroom

Course Content

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

- Digital landscape and disruptions

- Three types of transformations

- Customers in digital economy

- Business models

Establishing purpose

- Why do I need to lead ?

- Prepare vision statement

- Building a business case

- Role-modelling digital leaders

Competency 1# Growth Mindset

- Need for a growth mindset

- What is growth mindset?

- Growth v/s Fixed mindset

- Shifting mindsets 

Competency 2# Emotional Intelligence

- Need for EI/EQ

- Developing self-awareness

- Trust building

- Influencing

- Leveraging networks effect

Competency 3# Informed decision making

- Need for informed decision making

- Avoiding traps

- Decision making model

- Decision making styles

- Data driven decision making

Competency 4# Fast Execution

- Need for speed

- Critical execution ratios

- Stakeholder management

- Right people and lean processes

- Managing uncertainties

- Developing action plans

Post completion support

You will be eligible to opt for 2 hours of free consultation and coaching sessions post completion of the course. The main focus would be on how to apply the digital leadership competencies to your daily business operations. Participants are required to sign-up for the sessions in advance with the course faculty. 

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