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Digital Transformation Nanodegree

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8 Weeks
Working professionals


Learning Modules

8 learning modules focusing on the business impact of emerging digital technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data analytics, Automation and Gamification

Online videos

32 pre-recorded four to five minutes online videos spanning over eight modules

Weekly assignments

Simulation of real business problems. Application of concepts learnt in weekly modules  

Case Studies

Latest and popular case studies on digital transformation from Harvard business review

Forum discussions

An interactive collaborations on latest digital business topics


Based on concepts learnt in weekly modules

121 Meetings 

Live face to face pre-scheduled skype meetings with trainer

Program Topics

   Module 1

 Digital Landscape

 - Overview

 - Industrial examples

 - Types of transformations

 - Platform-based business  models

   Module 5

 Internet of Things (IoT)

 - Definition, value chain, landscape, use case

 - Impact on enterprises

 - Digital twins

 - Industry 4.0

Module 2

Digitalizing Customer             Interactions

 - Types of Media

 - SEM, SEO, search ads, display ads

 - Customer connection

 - Customer interaction

Module 6

Automation & Data


 - Robotic process automation 

 - Concept of data lake

 - Data science algorithms

 - Use cases

Module 3

Digitalizing Internal            Operations

 - Operations overview

 - Digital  maturity model 

 - Digital maturity assessment

 - Use cases

Module 7

Blockchain & Gamification

 - 5 principles of blockchain

 - Functional area impact

 - Gamification concepts, types of       players, experiences

 - Use cases

Module 4

Artificial Intelligence

 - Business overview

 - Types of AI firms

 - Impact on sales, HR, supply etc

 - Business architecture

Module 8

Corporate culture & Digital leadership

 - Digital mindset

 - 5 types of employees

 - Paradoxical model

 - 4D leadership model

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