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Virtual classroom-based interactive course over twelve 90 minutes sessions

Digital strategy framework includes six basic steps to Strategy Creation and Strategy Execution 



After the end of this course, you will be able to

- Define digital transformation, competitive landscape, new business models and analyze the business impact of emerging technologies

-Explain the need and define the purpose of a digital strategy

-Perform an analysis of your current situation

-Define a wanted position, vision and a value proposition for your firm

-Understand the three major perspectives- customer, industry and resources, to be considered while planning a strategy

-Explain the key components of a business model and choose the right model for your business

-State the significance of platform-based business models

-Define the key metrics evaluating your strategy

This course is for:

- CEOs

- Executives

- Vice Presidents

- Directors

- Department Heads

- Strategists

- Line Managers

- Program Managers


12 x 90 minutes sessions

Mode of delivery:

Virtual Classroom

Course Content

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

- Digital landscape and disruptions

- Three types of transformations

- Customers in digital economy

- Functional impact of emerging technologies

- Digital products and services

- Role of ecosystems

- Managing uncertainties

Building a strategy

- Situation analysis

- Digital maturity assessment

- Vision statement and wanted position

- Industry analysis

- Customer analysis

- Process automation

- People competence

- Business case, models and ecosystems

- Identifying transformation areas

- Mapping emerging technologies

- KPIs

Strategic Planning Exercise

Post completion support

You will be eligible to opt for 10 hours of free consultation and coaching sessions where we will guide you through the process of strategy creation and execution at your workplace. Participants are required to sign-up for the sessions in advance with the course faculty. 

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