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Do you believe in change ? Do you have a transformation focus ? Do you take concrete actions ? 

If yes, then congratulations, you have a growth mindset for enabling transformation. Although growth mindset or digital mindset can be used interchangeably, most firms struggle to incorporate it in its work culture. Digital transformation is all about transforming people, processes and technology to achieve speed, scale and scope. However, at the foundation of this transformation lies the Growth mindset that focuses on building the right attitude and behaviours to drive the necessary change.  


After the end of the course, you will be able to

-Understand the fundamental difference between fixed and growth mindsets

-Understand the characteristics of a growth mindset

-Build a strategy for developing a growth mindset for your business

-Learn the best practices for growth mindset implementation through a real-world reference case

This course is for:

Working professionals at all levels of an organization


4 x 90 minutes sessions

Mode of delivery:

Virtual Classroom

Post completion support

You will be eligible to opt for 10 hours of free consultation and coaching sessions per batch post completion of the course. The main focus would be to develop an action plan on how to build a growth mindset at individual and collective level at your workplace. Participants are required to sign-up for the sessions in advance with the course faculty. 

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