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Creating a Learning experience 

In order to create a better user experience in your organization, the learning must be:  


Learning must be distinct and unique for each users based on their job requirements. Suggestions and recommendations for new courses should be offered based on the courses previously enrolled in or completed.


Learning must be well-structured and easy to access. Users must be able to reach the desired content in few clicks. 


There must be a central repository to store all the learning and users must be able to share and knowledge assets effectively across different teams and functions



Learning must be data driven based on advanced analytics and tools. Individual users must be able to monitor their real-time progress on a dashboard. Organizations must be able to track the learning performance and make informed decisions based on learning behaviors, patterns and insights.


Users must be offered a clear upskilling or reskilling learning plans or pathways leading to ones individual development and career growth


The end to end process from enrolling in either a web-based or instructor-driven learning to its final completion must be smooth and continuous 


Organizations must cultivate a culture of learning and innovations where users are inspired to learn and share more

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